Lakewood Skaters

Buffalo 2015-1 Dan Judd

Photo courtesy of Dan Judd

Young and old, beginners and accomplished skaters, all come together to practice and compete for Lakewood Skating Club. Our skaters include children, teens and adults, as well as several families who have passed the love of the sport on to the children and grandchildren. Many join in order to compete, but others join simply for the exercise and personal and physical growth that speedskating promotes. Since the sport is open to all ages, the whole family can participate. We encourage all, including parents, to become active in a variety of ways – as competitors, coaches assistants, meet officials, volunteers at the meets, or spectators at practices and meets. New skaters are welcome at any time!

Membership & Ice Costs

To skate with Lakewood Skating Club, skaters must become members of the Club and Ohio Speedskating Association by completing a membership form.

Additionally, skaters must join US Speedskating and pay dues.

Ice Time: Skaters may elect to skate one or two nights (Sunday and/or Wednesday) per week during regular season.

Fee for 2016/2017 Skating Season (September – March)
One night per week: $420
Two nights per week: $642
Payment plans available


All skaters are required to wear protective equipment on the ice.

  • HELMET – an approved helmet, with complete hard shell, is required (bike helmets are acceptable)
  • GLOVES – winter gloves or leather baseball/soccer gloves (cut protection optimal)
  • SKIN SUIT or LONG SLEEVE SHIRT AND LONG PANTS – Spandex or stretchy pants. (No jeans or baggy pants.)
  • KNEE PADS – approved for speedskating, roller blading, volleyball, etc.
  • NECK GUARD – made specifically for speedskating

Skaters should also bring a water bottle to every practice.IMG_1231

Try it out

Want to see how fast you can go on the ice? Did the Olympics peak your interest in the sport? That’s great. The Lakewood Skating Club welcomes new members at any time of the season.

Lakewood Skating Club encourages and promotes skaters of all different skill levels to try speedskating with our club. Our team of coaches will help new skaters develop technique and improve their skating skills.

Prospective skaters must be able to skate independently and will be placed in a group as determined by the coaches based on many different skills. The coaches have the final say of group placement of a skater and sole discretion of moving a skater in and out of any group. The coaches are always available to discuss placement with any skater or their parents. They will be placed in a group matching their skating ability without impeding other skaters.

Those interested in trying speedskating may attend two sessions free of charge before joining the club. A limited number of speed skates is available for first-timers use.

For more information, contact Dennis Marquard (440-899-9577 – evenings only, or to arrange a test session.